An announcement

Hi! This is just a little announcement to say that the Veldaise Legacy will be put on hold! My save file got corrupted, which really sucks, but fortunately I backed up my tray files which means I don’t have to painstakingly recreate my sims. Huzzah! The downside is that all my progress is lost.

But honestly, I feel like it’s a good thing this happened, because I just jumped into writing that story with zero planning or drafts :p It was a “screenshot first, write later” kinda thing, which made the flow messy and not that great. I’m planning on continuing or maybe even rebooting this story, but for now I’d like to focus on improving my writing skills by starting a new simlit series that’s actually coherent and not a total pain in the ass to read.

The first chapter of this new story will be up sometime this week! Thanks for reading! ❤