Veldaise Legacy: Chapter 1.3


After some hemming and hawing, Natasha decided to have her story published. At first she was hesitant. There was no real reason to make it public, but she was really proud of what she had written, and wanted others to read it. She could show it to Alice and Caleb, but they wouldn’t really get it. Alice would automatically say it was wonderful without really reading it, and Caleb would make fun of her.

She carefully printed out her manuscript and wrote the address of a publishing company nearby. She was going to have it published as a work of fiction, of course. No need for people to come snooping in.



Wolfgang invited Caleb to a nightclub. Caleb never knew places like these existed. It was full of people dancing frantically to loud music while lights pulsed rhythmically. He was absolutely fascinated by it.

“This is so cool,” he shouted to Wolfgang as they mingled with other people on the dance floor. “I’ve never been to a place like this.”

“This isn’t even the coolest club in town,” Wolfgang shouted back. “Wait ‘till I bring you to the modern district, now that’s where it really gets wild.”

They spent the rest of the night dancing, taking “sell-fees” with Caleb’s new phone (it looked like Alice pulled a few more strings), and Caleb got his first taste of beer. He’s had alcohol before, but it was always wine from those fancy demon dinner parties he attended as Alice’s plus-one. Beer was bitter, but Caleb liked it. In fact, he liked it so much he couldn’t count how many glasses he drank.

“Woah, dude,” Wolfgang said. “Are you okay? Let’s get you upstairs so you can sit.” He helped Caleb up the stairs, with Caleb almost falling a few times. He plopped the drunk boy on the sofa and sat beside him, completely exhausted from dragging him up. They could still hear the music, although it was somewhat muted now.



“Wooolfgaaaang?” Caleb slurred, his eyes only half open.

“Yeah?” Wolfgang turned to look at him, tensing up when Caleb scooted closer to him. The closeness on the dancefloor had been one thing, but the intimacy of the situation he found himself in made him feel things he didn’t know how to express in words.

“Heeeeyyyyyyy,” Caleb said drowsily. “I haaave, uh, something to tell youuu.”

“What?” Wolfgang was now all too aware of how erratic his heart was beating. Was it because of how hard he danced? Or how he pretty much carried Caleb up the stairs? Maybe he was just drunk. No, that wasn’t it. He’s gotten drunk before, and what was happening to him now was different from that.

Or maybe it was because this other boy’s face was close to his, so close he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

“I like…” Caleb paused then started chuckling, probably to some dumb joke he suddenly thought of. Damn it, Wolfgang just wanted him to spit it out already.



Wolfgang jumped a little when Caleb put his arm around him. It felt like his heart was trying to burst from his chest.

“I liiiiiike,” Caleb continued. “Like as in reeeaaaally like your hair. So sooooooooooft.” Caleb started petting his hair, fawning over it.

Oh. Wolfgang sighed. He was relieved it was just that, but there was a tiny part of him that was slightly disappointed. “Thanks,” he said, removing Caleb’s hand from his head. “Listen, we should probably leave now. My mom might pop in my room and see the window open. I’ll walk you home.”

After another ordeal with the stairs, the two walked home. Wolfgang looked over at Caleb. It looked like he sobered up a bit, now that he was walking in a, more or less, straight line. Wolfgang stopped walking.

“Hey, I think…” he said, looking at Caleb. “I think I have something to tell you, too.”

“Oh, okay,” Caleb said. He suddenly put his hand to his head. “Ow.”

“Oh, trust me, it’s gonna hurt a lot more in the morning,” Wolfgang laughed. “Anyway, I… I…” He stopped. He didn’t know how to say what he wanted to say.

”You know what? I think I’ll tell you next time. When you’re less wasted,” Wolfgang said, giving him a small smile.

“Huh? Oh, sure,” Caleb said. “I think I can walk home by myself now. You should go before your mom realizes you snuck out.”

Wolfgang nodded, and started to head home.

“Wait, Wolfgang,” Caleb grabbed his arm. “Thanks. For tonight. I had fun.” He pulled Wolfgang into a hug.



Wolfgang’s heart started beating like crazy again. Caleb, on the other hand, took this opportunity to nuzzle his cheek against his friend’s hair. So soooooooft.

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[Hope the change from Caleb’s perspective to Wolfgang’s wasn’t too weird! I felt like the situation was best described through the eyes of someone who wasn’t piss drunk lol

My bird also felt the need to proofread my writing :pp



Sir yes sir 😢]


3 thoughts on “Veldaise Legacy: Chapter 1.3

  1. Hmm, does Wolfgang like Caleb? I’m just wondering if you’re going to put in pictures like you did in the prologue! Or if you did put pictures and they just aren’t showing up. 🙂


    • Aaaa I freaked out when I read this and checked all my photos asap 😢 But it seems to be showing up for me?? No idea if it’s because I’m the one who published it or whatever. I’m going to reupload the pictures (crossing my fingers it really does work), but regardless, hope you have a lovely vacation!

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      • I went into the site and not the reader and they showed up 🙂 They just don’t show up on the reader (on the app) so I’ll just go into the site itself and there are other problems with the app right now, anyway…


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