Veldaise Legacy: Chapter 1.2



Caleb had been visiting Wolfgang’s house a lot. He learned that Wolfgang was currently suspended from school for pulling too many pranks.

“I just don’t see why they make such a big deal out of it,” Wolfgang would say, shrugging. “It’s not like anybody got hurt or whatever.” Caleb realized that his new human friend was very similar to Natasha (he shuddered when he first had that thought) in terms of their love for mischief, but surprisingly, he found that he liked hanging out with Wolfgang.

Even if he did ask a lot of pretty weird questions.

“So do you guys serve the devil or something?” Nope.

“Can you set things on fire just by looking at it?” Not Caleb, that’s for sure.

“I didn’t know you guys had families. Is Natasha really your sister?” Unfortunately yes.

“So what are you doing on Earth?” This one made Caleb really think. The only reason he came here was because Alice asked him.

“I’m not really sure,” Caleb admitted. “The only thing I’ve been doing lately is hang out with you.”

Besides asking Caleb lots of questions, Wolfgang mostly complained about school.

“It sucks,” he ranted. “There’s too much homework and there’s always too many cliques and drama going on.”

“Cliques?” Caleb asked.

“Yeah, like gangs, you know? You either belong to the jocks, nerds, that sort of stuff,” Wolfgang said. “When I was a kid I thought that stuff was just in the movies, but turns out it’s real.”

“So, which clique do you belong to?”

Wolfgang hesitated. “I… don’treallyhaveanyfriendsbutwhocaresIsureashelldon’t,” he mumbled, turning away.

“Oh,” Caleb said simply. “Well, I’m your friend, aren’t I?”

Wolfgang looked at him. “Yeah, I guess we are friends,” he said.


Before Caleb left his house, Wolfgang stopped to ask him something.

“Hey, do you want to hang out somewhere other than my house tomorrow?”

“I thought you were still grounded,” Caleb remarked.

“I am, but I can sneak out,” Wolfgang grinned. “So? You in or what?”

“Sure, I’m in,” Caleb smiled back.


Alice had gone back to the bar. Not to scam anyone out of their fortunes, but to just make some new friends. Despite Alice absolutely loving the house, Caleb was almost always out and Natasha holed herself up in the home office, so she was feeling a bit lonely. And daytime television was just too boring for her.

She met Clara, a woman with a nice smile. Alice liked talking to her. Clara gushed about her job a lot, it was clear she was passionate about being a caterer.

“You should come over sometime,” Clara said. “I’d love to cook for you. What cuisine do you like best?”

“Oh, I like all sorts,” Alice said. “I’m sure I’d enjoy anything you’d cook.” Alice wasn’t necessarily attracted to her, but she did think Clara was pretty. Alice didn’t believe in love at first sight anyway, she liked thinking about falling in love as a slow process. It seemed more romantic to her, and she subconciously hoped that it would happen to her and Clara, maybe in the near future.



Clara laughed. “You’re just too sweet. I ha–” Clara’s voice fell flat. “Oh, honey. I didn’t notice you there.”

Alice turned to find a man scowling at them. She waved sheepishly at him, wondering who he was.

Clara looked back and forth between them nervously. “Um, Alice, this is my husband, Bjorn.”

“Oh, hi,” Alice said, surprised.

“Alice just moved into the neighborhood,” Clara said, struggling to fill in the silence. “And I was telling here about my catering business. She has two kids the same age as Sofia, isn’t that nice?” Alice nearly forgot that she said that Caleb and Natasha were her kids. It was easier than explaining that they used to be her demonic apprentices.



Bjorn’s face softened slightly. “Oh, welcome to the neighborhood.” He said, offering Alice a handshake. Alice took his hand, stiffly.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You should come over with the kids sometime,” he said, smiling a little. “Sofia could use some more friends.”

“I will,” Alice lied. That was the most awkward moment of her life. There was no way she was ever going to show her face to these two again. She made a mental note to ask people if they were married before she tried flirting with them in the future.



Natasha had been busy. She had heard of computers, but had never gotten to use one herself. The house Alice had tricked someone out of (Alice had told them it was a gift from someone she met but Natasha knew Alice used magic to get it) had several of them. Natasha spent most of her time learning how it worked.

It wasn’t very hard, and she felt proud for figuring it out all by herself. Unlike with ink, however, she couldn’t use the computer to tell the future. She tapped on random keys, hoping she could divine something out of them. No visions were coming to her. Oh well.

She yawned and stretched. She was getting bored of computers pretty fast. She figured she would just type a bunch of mumbo jumbo and call it a day. What to write, though?

She thought for a bit, and decided to write about coming here to the human world. It was an easy enough topic, since it was still fresh in her mind. She started typing, and found that the words flowed out of her.



After a while, she leaned back and looked at her work. She ended up writing not only about coming to this world, but basically every detail of her life before. She exhaled. For some reason, she felt good about it. There was something nice about writing it all down. For most of her life, she only saw writing as work, divining the future was all she did. But this was something else entirely. For the first time in her life, Natasha found that, aside from being mean to people, she found something she genuinely liked to do.


[I originally planned for Alice to break up Clara and Bjorn but the dude keeps freaking showing up every single time Alice tries to get it on with his wife. Serves me right for trying to break them apart lol]


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