Veldaise Legacy: Intro

I wanted to write up some short backgrounds for my first generation before I start actually blogging, so here they are!



Alice Veldaise was a high-ranking demon enamored with the idea of starting her own little family, but with her position, that was completely out of the question. After observing the human world for a while, she realized she could achieve this dream of hers if she lived among humans. (After all, they had aliens and vampires. Surely they would tolerate demons as well?) Abandoning her life as a demon and with her two most loyal apprentices, she began a new adventure. But even with her romantic personality and enchanting presence, would anyone want to become a demon’s lover?



Caleb Guthrie was one of Alice’s most loyal and hardworking apprentices. His admiration for her allowed him to endure even the most menial of tasks, and with him being a demon with zero magical powers, there was plenty of those boring chores. He was hesitant when Alice asked him to go to the human world with her, but after much (over)thinking, he agreed. All he wants is to live a life where he doesn’t feel useless, and maybe he can fit in better with humans. That is, if his social awkwardness and anger issues don’t get in the way of his plans.



Natasha Guthrie is Caleb’s younger (and meaner) sister, as well as Alice’s most talented apprentice. She specialized in divination, telling the future with ink. She honed her talents to the extreme in order to be useful to Alice as much as possible possible, permanently staining her fingers. She takes pride in her work, and likes to feel superior by lording her skills over the other apprentices, especially her loser of a brother. She volunteered to go to the human world under the pretenses of continuing to help Alice, but really all she wants to do is see how much havoc she can wreak among humans.

I’m really excited to play this legacy (even though I’m not following the rules), hopefully I manage to reach 10 generations!


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